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downward crime trend continues 

Public safety is, and will always be, our top priority. When it comes to crime, one of the clearest indicators to the safety of any city is the relationship between time and increases in crime levels over that time period. Over the past 30 years the City of St. Cloud has seen a great deal of growth and expansion. While the population of the city is 68,000, the daytime population more than doubles to nearly 180,000 people each day.

There's always potential for fluctuations in any given year. However, the trend over a longer period of time is more reflective of actual crime rates. As we think back to what the city was like 30 years ago, it is nearly impossible to not think of examples that support this growth. However, when we look at crime data over those 30 years, as reflected in the two graphs below, we see less crime.

The graphs below shows that crime levels for all crime, as measured by Part I and Part II crimes in the FBI Uniformed Crime Reports, have trended downward over the past 30 years.

Although the official crime data from the FBI Uniformed Crime Reports is not yet available for 2019, our analysis of the data through mid-November supports this continuing downward trend of crime in the City of St. Cloud.

For a further detailed explanation of the data, come to the Public Safety Summit on Tuesday, February 25th at 6pm at the St. Cloud Police Department.


Crimes increased in Minnesota in 2019, but not in most St. Cloud metro cities, SC TIMES




Even with over $18 million of 2019 road improvements in the rear-view mirror, St. Cloud is looking ahead to $20+ million of new road and utility projects in 2020. Most projects are paid for in part by Governmental Funds in combination with a number of other revenue sources including sales tax and federal grant dollars. These upcoming road and utility projects include building new roadway infrastructure, and as importantly – roadway maintenance and repair and pedestrian and safety improvements. 

We’ve more than triple the funding for road repairs and infrastructure in the last 4 years and have identified and budgeted for additional road maintenance next year along with a list of high priority roads slated for mill and overlays.
We’ve also created a plan to reduce traffic congestion by asking voters to increase capacity on 4 major roadways in St. Cloud over the next few years.

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